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    Pleasure Piratess: All American Whopper Vibrating Dildo Review →

    I received the All American Whopper Vibrating Dildo in the mail from a couple weeks ago. It arrived in a clear plastic clamshell package that is recloseable and suitable for storing…. though I strongly recommend buying a pouch to save room. The insert that provided the backdrop to the package was a naked woman on one side… apparently pleasuring herself… with the Whopper I assumed. On the other side was a naked male, with this anatomical parts removed from view. The paper does state the toy feels better than the real thing and has 3 levels of vibration. Now I admit, this one is probably not the best travel buddy, for size and discretion, but since I was going abroad, I decided to take him anyway and try him out while on vacation. I can happily state that he made it through airport security… in my checked baggage anyway.

    — 3 years ago
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    Meet Atlas, Hercules, and Caesar - new silicone cock rings from the Adonis Collection!

    Meet Atlas, Hercules, and Caesar - new silicone cock rings from the Adonis Collection!

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    Kit O'Connell: L'Amour Silicone Beaded Probe Review →

    It’s funny that I keep giving my Pet toys with French names, given her French heritage. It’s also appropriate because when you give her a clove cigarette, or get her tipsy, she likes to talk like Frenchy Hercules, the trampy sister with an exagerrated accent from the movie Forbidden ZoneIn any case, it was a happy accident that shortly after she told me about wanting a new set of anal beads I heard from a representative at with an offer to review this toy.

    L’Amour Silicone Anal Probe is an anal toy with 5 beads of silicone connected by a stiff but flexible band of silicone, and ending in a curling tail that keeps the toy safe and makes it easy to use. It’s a lot one of my favorite anal toys, the FunFactory Bendy Beads, but smaller, a bit less expensive, and made of slightly stiffer, springier feeling silicone.

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    iRide is here!  Use your imagination.  :-)

    iRide is here!  Use your imagination.  :-)

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    Mistress Arabella: Reflections Serenity Glass Wand Review →

    I’m not sure exactly when I developed my preference for glass sex toys, but I’ve pursued my interest strongly. The latest glass toy in my collection is the Reflections Serenity glass wand by Doc Johnson. It’s a double-ended dildo that comes in both a gorgeous shiny black (which is my choice of color) and a light pink. This 7-inch beauty offers about 6 inches of insertable length, and has a girth of 4 inches at the smaller head (5.5″ at the larger end).

    I love that glass dildos are hygienic, easy to use, easy to care for, give allowance for temperature play, and will last a lifetime if treated right. They also look great in the dungeon, around your house, on shelves and coffee tables, not to mention the incredibly sexy contrast achieved as the cool, hard glass brushes up against soft, warm flesh.

    — 3 years ago
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    Kara Sutra: VixSkin Tex Review →

    Before I get into the actual review I just want to express that when it comes to dildos I can be rather picky: they can’t be too long or thick (I’m far from a “size queen“), must be made of pure silicone (or another quality, body safe material), can’t be flimsy or low quality, must be easy to insert, comfortable, somewhat flexible, compatible with a harness and have to feel at least slightly like the “real thing”, if not damn near perfectly close. Which is quite possibly why I have so few dildo reviews (I promise to work on that).

    Sure I have some that aren’t the most “realistic” in look or texture, but they either have something so fantastically interesting about them or fit my body so perfectly that I can’t not like them. With that in mind, when I was sent a chocolate colored Vixen Creations Tex dildo from the lovely folks at I was ecstatic!

    *for this review I will be referring to the product as “he”, since it’s so damn realistic. 

    — 3 years ago with 2 notes
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